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Bulk SMS Services in Bangalore

22 december

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Bangalore

Bulk SMS Bangalore jupitersms.in is a leading & quality bulk sms service provider in Bangalore, India. We offer bulk SMS in Bangalore city as per your requirement at best affordable rates.

  • Jupiter SMS is one of the leading company of Bulk SMS Service, which is among the most convenient method to promote your trademark name. Source: appnotifeeblackberry Comments comments. The Premium Online Service to Send Bulk all Over India.Jupitersms.in, an SMS service company based in Bangalore, which caters to Indian business, is showcasing a highly efficient bulk SMS service.
  • Revealing the details in a recent press meet organised in the city, the top executives of the company also highlighted some of the most reputed services offered by the company. "We are an SMS service that focuses on providing a simple to use solution for Indian business. We offer superlative service like best prices and highly efficient customer support which enables you to garner the most out of your SMS communication needs.
  • The major genres of our products are: SMS API, Web SMS, SMS Marketing, SMS Gateway ,OTP Services and last but not the least, Bulk SMS. "We offer a gateway with 99% uptime promise, with an ability to send single or thousands of SMS at once, delivering to all Indian carriers. You can send SMS messages by various methods: send a direct message using our Web SMS platform;integration of a flexible API inside your own site. Bulk SMS is a novel service. "Whether you are a school, a retails shop, a gym, a sports centre or a membership organisation, the service of Bulk SMS will aid you in keeping touch with your contacts. This can be in the form of updates .

  • Jupiter SMS Offers!!

    Inform customers about last-minute changes in time or venue Promotions (for sales and special events) Notification (server alerts or notifying colleagues)R eminders (send reminder to ensurepatients or clients will not miss appointments) Due dates (remind others about due dates for payments and expiry dates)

    Type of Bulk SMS!!

  • Promotional SMS with Sender ID
  • Transaction SMS with Sender ID
  • DND and Non DND SMS
  • Promotional Open DND SMS
  • Stock Market SMS
  • Properties /Real Estate Bulk SMS.
  • Bulk SMS Pricing